Building a Membership Website Effectively

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Selling book is entirely different from selling access to a membership website. It can be a challenging task to build a membership website. When you start running a membership website it can become lucrative, particularly if you have recurring monthly members. Membership websites are so lucrative that most web entrepreneurs wanted to build and profit from them. Another advantage of running a membership website is that the start-up cost is affordable.

Despite that one can afford to open a membership website, not everyone is prepared for the change. Operating and running a membership website is an easy task. Membership websites build communities’ of users, but the first thing a person must do before joining the site is to research the company or person that runs the website. If you do not have a top quality web site with the security the user is expecting, you could very well fall on your face.

Building a membership website in all aspects is not an easy task. One of the hassles of running a membership website is creating quality content on a consistent basis that your members will find useful. Running a successful membership website require to come up with fresh and valuable content for your visitors regularly. You will need fresh content on your web pages at all times. This means you need to learn how to use your content manager effectively. Fresh content means that you must have some writing skills, or have hired hands available that can write. The writers must be familiar with the basic SEO white and black hat solutions.

So, growing a membership website is a full-time job. It is full of downloadable resources in addition to articles full of insight. A great membership website needs to attract and convert visitors into customers, drive direct traffic and social amplification so it can rank in search engines. That’s no easy task.

Discussing articles, when you start running a membership website you will need to know some basic SEO stuff. But, this stuff is trickier than most people think. If you do not get it right, you will not get traffic from major search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo.

After you begin running a membership website, it is your duty to start the SEO and digital marketing campaigns that focuses on e-mail campaign, social media marketing, blogging, member boards, links, articles, and so forth. Each one of the items for marketing involves a little more than learning the word or term. It is important that you understand the definitions of the marketing solutions. It is important to learn how the solutions work to avoid problems in marketing your website.

SEO involves keyword density and keyword development. SEO article writing is one of the better marketing solutions, since it provides information to your members. Web owners often hire in quality writers to write 10 to 100 high-quality articles to market web pages at the major search engines. The purpose is to increase ranking at the major search engines, which in turn increases the volume of traffic flowing back to their websites.

The articles are rich with keywords. Keyword density is the leading SEO solution, which many web owners use to market their web sites online. Keyword density is important, since Google, Bing, Yahoo and other major search engines use algorithms to test keyword density within bodies of articles. Content has proven to be one of the most effective SEO writing solutions, which is important to web owners to have the density they deserve.

SEO articles are written by various online writers, which focus on Search Engine Optimiation solutions. Pick up a few tips from these writers, or else become acquainted with them in the event you will need to hire a writer to add fresh content to your web pages on a daily basis. Search Engine Optimization is the stage where web owners work to enhance their chances to rank at the top search engines. Using this method, which includes writing concise program instructions in fewer lines, thus the web owners could reach the ranks at top search engines online.

SEO is the leading marketing solution, thus if you are behind on search engine marketing and optimizing solutions go to the Internet and search for Internet marketing tools. Tools available these days can assist you with promoting your membership website effectively. Still, you will need writers, unless you have writing abilities to deliver keyword dense articles to your web sites for promoting. Now you can start running your membership website.

Brief SEO Stuff Description

Keywords and your web text links are essential for increasing your chances of reaching the top ranks at the search engines. Rich keywords will only get you noticed at the top search engines. SEO missions to help you cutback cost and time; what you need:


On-page SEO: meta tags, text, keyword density, title page, description page, relevant links, etc,


Off-Page SEO Links: focuses on quantity and quality, and make sure that your pages content has strong links to associated pages.


Blog: relevancy and quality informative pages is important, Yahoo searches with crawlers every two to four weeks and will mechanically discover content on web pages purposed for its index.


SEO keyword rich: content is important, stuffing any keywords on your page will decrease your chances of reaching the top ranks.


Description: you want to create unique pages for your title page. When you are running a membership website, you want to make sure the content is fresh and readable to various audiences.


Users: everyday users type in keywords into the search engines to find relevant keywords or links. Be sure to choose relevant terms for your title page.


SEO meta tags: Make sure that you add relevant, fresh, quality rich and informative links to your tags. Narrow your keywords instead of adding broader content.


Links: make sure you have on your website incoming links, outbound, inbound, PR2, back links, and other links, just keep it relevant.

Finally focus on relevancy, quality and informative keywords and links when considering your title tags, or your headers. Consider the keywords based on what your targeted audience may type in search engines when searching for relevant information.

Remember, Yahoo has crawlers that will not recognize any copy that is within images. Display the ALT Text clearly on your pages

Black Hat

– The best SEO solution for increasing your chance of reaching the highest ranks on Google
– Unaccepted SEO marketing solution
– Something you wear on your head

White Hat

– Accepted Internet marketing solution
– Head wear
– Unaccepted marketing solution that will get you kicked out of Google’s index.

HTML – add a site map

If you design any web pages with undesirable links or content that is not relevant, Google, Bing or Yahoo may penalize you. Keep it honest. Do not spam or try to manipulate the search engines. Any redundant, inappropriate, or low quality content or links will get pushed out. So, avoid:
– Invisible use of redundant text
– Any pages that solely intend to direct users to other pages
– Adding several web sites that use the identical content
– Abuse any cross-links
– Use artificial link popularity
– Push deceptive web pages, fraudulent pages or add excessive deceptive pop-ups that will interfere with a user’s navigation

Yahoo, like Google is an honest search engine and their mission is to make sure that users find relevant, quality and informative information as quickly as possible with few interruptions. Discover more basics on building and running a membership website.

Mahaman Sani Dan Mallam.


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