Advanced SEO Summit – April 30, 2019

Advanced SEO Summit

Advanced SEO Summit is the Ultimate Destination for Advanced SEO/SEM Professionals. Your presence at Advanced SEO Summit is essential if you are looking to fast-track your search engine skills. Advanced SEO Summit is a powerful event focused on inspiring & educating advanced SEO/SEM professionals. Advanced SEO Summit focuses on the problems SEO’s face daily. You’ll network with the world’s leading brands, gather insights from industry experts, and bring back actionable insights to your teams. Our speakers are thought leaders in your industry and are ready to share their experiences and failures so you can learn at an accelerated pace. Nowhere else will you be able to enjoy hours of intimate networking opportunities with attendees and speakers alike. Nowhere else will you find this type of opportunity!

Imagine if there was a single event that brought together the largest marketing channel, the best SEO hacks and the most sought after speakers in the industry. This Exclusive Summit Will Show You How To:

  1. Expand your backlink portfolio in 30 days, even if you don’t have a budget
  2. Distill learnings from an analysis of thousands of keywords for SEO
  3. Create amazing articles that get shared, even if you aren’t a writer
  4. Get actionable SEO data from Google Analytics in just ten minutes
  5. Attract over thousands of new site visitors in just 30 days
  6. Generate 75% more traffic with my internal linking strategy
  7. Drive targeted links from social media each and every week
  8. Increase your rankings by 100% with the right site speed
  9. Hack local search results to drive traffic right to you
  10. Grow traffic by 10x from organic search

Who Should Attend?

The goal of Advanced SEO Summit is to preserve the intimacy of the event so that attendees can spend time with all of our thought leaders. We wish everyone could attend this amazing event, but due to size restrictions it just isn’t possible. We suggest registering for the event immediately as this event will sell out fast! Join us for an intellectual three-day journey in New York City, the City that never sleeps!

If you have any questions, or want to sponsor us or get involved, call us at +1 646 932 1992 or shoot us an email at [email protected].


Presenter: Mahaman Sani Dan Mallam

  • Using Google Analytics To Skyrocket Your Business

04/30/2019 10am-11am

Google Analytics give you a complete view of every aspect of activity on your website. Understanding how to properly analyze and implement the numerous types of data that Google Analytics provides gives you a considerable advantage over your competitors for search-engine rankings. Google Analytics presents you with multiple advantages as a site owner, from the ability to track goals to the knowledge of where your visitors exit your website. So, the first step is to ensure you properly install the tracking code on your website. the second step is to learn how to use Google Analytics as a tool to improve your web performance.

Presenter: Mahaman Sani Dan Mallam

  • The importance of Mobile and Local SEO

04/30/2019 11am-12pm

This session will cover:

  1. the changing landscape of mobile SEO, including common pitfalls, and how to futureproof mobile site designs;
  2. the local SEO space, including best practices for business owners, directory listing, and optimizing store locator pages.

Presenter: Kenny Chung


  • Outrank Your Competition With Advanced SEO

04/30/2019 01pm-02pm

This session will cover advanced Search Engine Optimization (SEO) techniques. SEO is one of the most powerful and profitable marketing strategies in use today. According to, 8 in 10 global company marketers rate Search Engine Optimization (SEO) as either excellent or good in terms of return on investment (ROI). It makes SEO the best ranked marketing channel before Email Marketing and Paid Search (PPC). You’ll be taught proven tactics to further optimize your company’s performance on Google, and get a walk through of top free and paid SEO tools. You are guaranteed to get results by the end of this session by following clear step-by-step processes to optimize your SEO, and reviewing insightful SEO examples.

Presenter: Mahaman Sani Dan Mallam

  • Social Media Optimization (SMO) To Generate Traffic and Buzz

04/30/18 03pm-04pm

This session outlines how you can use social media websites to generate traffic and buzz, and to build links to your website. SMO is an extension of your search-engine optimization (SEO) efforts, and emphasizes using social media websites to build links that can get your website ranked well organically in search engines.

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